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The Red Dragons Muay Thai Gym


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The Membership


The Red Dragons Muay Thai Gym makes every effort to be an affordable program for all individuals. Cost are kept to a minimum and profit is not a factor. Students are required to pay a deposit equivalent to one months tuition, monthly dues, insurance and purchase shorts. After training with The Red Dragons for one year, the deposit is credited to your account. Deposits are refunded if after training for less than a year students choose to leave the Gym in good standing. The Red Dragons Muay Thai Gym is just that, a gym. When you enrol with the program you are joining a gym. If you choose not to attend a lesson for any reason you lose that money paid in to your account. You pay a monthly fee that entitles you to 4 consecutive lessons. These lessons are 3 hours in length. Currently classes are held Wednesday evenings from 7pm to 10pm. In order to ensure your protection from financial loss due to injury (which can happen) insurance is a mandatory requirement for all students. Instructors carry special trainer's insurance as well. Insurance is available through The Red Dragons for a very low cost and is carried by The British Kickboxing Association. Students are required to wear a school uniform which consists of a black t-shirt, red and black thai shorts, arm grade and a gum shield when sparring. Shorts, arm grades and gum shields can be purchased through the school or from various shops. Please get instructor approval before making purchases of shorts and arm grades from vendors other than those affiliated with the school. Additional training equipment, such as boxing gloves, linament, ankle wraps,etc are available at a significant discount through The Red Dragons. Please see an instructor for details and a catalogue.
We recognize that initially costs may seem significant but if you compare our prices with those of other local gyms and martial arts trainers you will soon discover we are very low priced. We are not here to make money, we are here to train individuals. The costs you incure are reflective of the costs we outlay for the training. If you should ever have questions regarding fees or other money issues please contact an instructor and we will be happy to discuss matters.


The Costs

Enrolling Fees
* Membership Deposit
* Insurance
* Thai Shorts
* Gum Shield
* Arm Grade

Regular Fees
* Monthly Dues
* Annual Insurance Renewal

All prices are in British Pounds
Monthly Membership Fee: 16
Membership Deposit : 16
Insurance : 9
Arm Grade : 3
Shorts : 15-35 depending on style selected
Gum Shield : 2

The Red Dragons Muay Thai Gym Edgware Middlesex
0208 959 3009