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The Red Dragons Muay Thai Gym
About Us


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Our History

The Red Dragons Muay Thai Gym has operated classes in the Edgware area since 1997. Senior Instructor, Wayne Longhurst has been teaching martial arts in the North London area for over 7 years. He is assisted by his wife, Rebecca Longhurst.  Having previously taught various forms of martial arts including ju jitsu, aiki jitsu, and muay thai with co-instructors; Mr. Longhurst saw a desire for students to learn traditional Muay Thai with a twist. He developed a school based on the Lumpini style of Muay Thai which he himself had been studying for over 15 years. Trying to escape the often limiting ways of martial arts training, Mr. Longhurst encompased traditional ways with overall fitness and self defense techniques in his programs. This variety of awareness allows students to create their own path of development. If they enter The Red Dragons Muay Thai Gym wishing to be proper ring fighters they will receive training and support. If they enter with hopes of improving fitness and improved health, they will receive training and support. If they enter with the goal of learning self defense for personal comfort they will recieve training and support. In short, all students, regardless of personal goals and desires receive training and support down their individual path.
The Red Dragons Muay Thai Gym is a school of acceptance and demands. All students are accepted but in turn you come ready to train and train hard. You realize that you are learning an ancient and respected martial art. You prepare yourself mentally and phyiscally for the challenges of learning a full contact art. This is NOT cardio kick boxing or aerobics with punching and kicking. When you learn Muay Thai you spar, you connect, you bruise. You embrace the tests made to your body and grow from the challenges. Muay Thai is without question the best overall martial art for combat, self-defense and personal growth.  Wayne and Rebecca look forward to helping you attain your individual goals.

Our Philosophy

Regardless of a person's physical limitations everyone can learn Muay Thai and can benefit from the art. Whatever your individual challenge may be, The Red Dragons Muay Thai Gym will help you to accept, control and utilize your body, mind and spirit to its fullest potential. Students achieve success through attainment of personal goals not grades and belts.

The Red Dragons Muay Thai Gym does award grades based on attainment of skills and techniques, fighter status, instructing status and other achievements. The Gym does not however focus on the awarding of the grade. The education in Muay Thai isn't about reaching the highest grade possible as fast as possible. It is about achieving the goals you set for yourself. The Red Dragons Muay Thai Gym will help you to go as far as you are able.


Click on the listings below to see some Muay Thai action.

Urquidez and Sittiboonlert Fight

Knockout by a spinning elbow