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The Red Dragons Muay Thai Gym
Facilities and Directions


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The Red Dragons Muay Thai Gym
St. Lawrence Church Hall
Whitchurch Lane

Conviently located in Egware Middlesex at the St. Lawrence Church Hall. This location is ideal as a bus stop is directly outside the Church and includes various routes leading to Edgware Bus and Tube Station. The Northern Line is available from Edgware. The Red Dragons Muay Thai Gym has been operating from this location since December of 2001. It is clean, comfortable, warm and includes a changing area in the rest rooms for both men and women. There is off street parking and the area is well maintained. This location is a rarity for martial artists as it is so centrally located and yet provides so many conveniences.



If you have any difficulties locating us just call. We will be happy to provide more detailed directions.

The Red Dragons Muay Thai Gym Edgware Middlesex 
0208 959 3009