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The Red Dragons Muay Thai Gym
The Instructor


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The Instructor

The Senior Instructor/Owner of The Red Dragons Muay Thai Gym is Mr. Wayne Longhurst and his wife Rebecca Longhurst. A London native, Mr. Longhurst has trained extensively in martial arts through out the area. For over 15 years he has studied arts including karate (1st degree black belt), aiki jutsu (3rd degree black belt), judo (1st degree black belt) and of course, muay thai (red grade). Mr. Longhurst has competed in numerous ring fights with success. His record is 12 fights, 3 losses, 9 wins-6 by knock out. He has been instructing muay thai for over 7 years and has run The Red Dragons Muay Thai Gym for the past 5 years. An ex-soldier and bodyguard, Mr. Longhurst is well trained in various forms of self-defense and personal protection. He is also a previous amateur competitive gymnast and realizes the importance of a well balanced body. 
Mr. Longhurst welcomes individuals from all backgrounds to his Gym and encourages those who may believe they are incapable of learning Muay Thai to come and try his program. Mr. Longhurst enjoys working with students on all levels of training. Preparing a student for ring fighting can be just as rewarding as watching a student gain confidence as they realize they are learning how to protect themselves in confrontational situations. While not a dedicated fighters gym, The Red Dragons Muay Thai Gym is fully capable of guiding individuals into an amateur, semi-professional or professional boxing career. Mr. Longhurst is well versed in the art of competitive boxing. If however, this is not your goal, a plan of fitness, self-defense or just pure training can be created for you by the instructors.
Ring today and arrange for your own personal consultation, training with the class or just more information. Students are always welcome.


The Red Dragons Muay Thai Gym Edgware Middlesex
0208 959 3009